How to Release Your Fears & Change Your Mindset to Create a More Confident 'You' That Can Thrive During and After Your Divorce.'

You’ll discover how to:

  • Navigate your new normal by learning and implementing Tips, Wisdom and Pathways to Create Ease In Your Everyday Life.
  • Transform your New Normal life and start living your next chapter, one choice, one decision, one day at a time.
  • Be in charge of your new normal instead of feeling like you are drowning without a life preserver or land nearby

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‘The real turning point for me in Wendy’s philosophy is to not get caught up in the story. It has been pivotal to the change in my mindset. She guides you through the coaching and provides real-life applications for what she is teaching. I always leave with a better understanding of myself.’

  • Rachel

‘Wendy asks uncomfortable questions to look at myself. After every interaction with her I gained strategies. I didn’t love myself or see my worth when I started. Now I’m enjoying dating myself & show myself daily self care. I am so much happier because of her.’

  • Monica