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Creating The Amazing Life You Want Will NOT Happen By Accident ! Let Me Be Your Guide....

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It has taken me 5 years and thousands of clients to bring this to you.

It is the complete package that every woman needs to thrive during and after divorce, just as my clients have. 

I learned these lessons in the fires of my own divorce which is why I know they work. 

I know that you need them too. 

Each one of these amazing pieces of training is guaranteed to help you create the future you want and I want you to have that future…

You see I know that your future is a magical place.

It is a place that is waiting on the edge of your imagination, just out of reach, but it can be as real as your life today. I hope that for you.

I know, through all the pain and struggle of divorce, the self-doubt, shame and guilt, the emotional and physical upheavals, that divorce is a deep and painful struggle.

But listen, you need to realize that divorce can be a gift of transformation.

If you accept it, embrace it, and learn the lessons from it you can become more than you ever imagined.

Right now you may be struggling to accept that but I promise it to you is true.

Imagine with me a bright, powerful, and magical phoenix bursting out red hot flames.

Just like that phoenix can become reborn through transformation, I know that you have the power, and the raw energy to move beyond these struggles and create a magical life for yourself and those you love.

I had to find that power within myself and I did.

I will help you do the same.

is the bundle for you if…

⚡️ You’ve feel you lost your power through your divorce

⚡️ You’ve lost site of your values and who you are

⚡️You can’t say no, and people are disrespecting your boundaries

⚡️ You want it all to work, but can’t figure it out

⚡️ You are overwhelmed and scared about how finances will work out

⚡️ You feel lost about how to get yourself back

⚡️ You are struggling to co-parent with your ex, it feels so hard

⚡️ You are ready to work with a expert who knows the struggle

⚡️ You are ready to believe (even if you don’t yet!) that your divorce is a gift

This Rising Strong After Divorce: Your Guide to Finding Yourself, Claiming Your Power, and Manifesting Abundance and Wealth Bundle Gives You Values, Boundaries, Co-Parenting Skills, Financial Power, Emotional Relief and Most Important, The Power to Thrive Through and After Your Divorce

This brand new bundle includes EVERYTHING You Need

So what's inside?

Find Yourself, Your Voice & Your Power

…never before granted access to the first 2 steps of my 5 step program

This power course is designed to help you step back into their values and learn to set boundaries so you can…

💕 Get you off the hamster wheel of life so you can see your power

💕 Find who you truly and authentically are

💕How to get back your confidence and self esteem – no more self-doubts

💕 End the guilt and fear by taking control of your life and future

💕 How to feel balance and happiness even on your toughest of days

💕 Increase your motivation and productivity 

💕Decrease your anxiety and stress and give yourself back time, energy, and ease!

Valued at $1,597

Co-Parenting Apart

…let’s make it easy for you

This course is designed to help mamas gain control of their co-parenting journey so they can ensure that the kids win


💕 How to communicate with your ex, even in the toughest of conversations


💕 How to handle narcissists so you can still stay on top of the compromise


💕 Pitfalls of coparenting so you can ensure you protect not only your children but yourself


💕 Ease to make decisions around responsibilities 


💕 How to introduce your children to your new partners to ensure a smooth outcome


💕 Empowerment for your kids to use as they navigate this new normal



Valued at $997

The B* Word Course

…boundaries can be simple and easy

This course is designed to help you navigate setting boundaries so you can protect your energy, your wants and your needs

💕 Learn what a boundary is and why you NEED them in all relationships in your life

💕 My tricks to setting boundaries with ease

💕 A simple 3 part process to communicate your boundaries effectively without guilt, pushback or fear

💕 Prompts to help you discover the boundaries you want in your life

💕 How to empower your children to set boundaries of their own as they develop

💕 How setting boundaries is healthy

Valued at $497

Money Mindset

…let’s create that wealth and abundance

This course is designed to help shift your mind quickly into abundance so you can manifest your dream life

💕 How to create a financial roadmap for your future

💕 How to look at what you really need and what you desire

💕 Mindset shifts to get you out of lack states and into abundance flows

💕 Lessons around creating more abundance in your life 

Valued at $197

Daily Dose of Wendy

…a exclusive private podcast in your pocket

These exclusive podcast episodes are only for you. Every day over 30 days I will send you an episode to empower you to step into your power.

💕 Feel inspired and empowered to step into your best

💕 Learn how to find your divorce as the gift it is

💕 Increase your happiness and leave self doubt behind

💕 Listen on the go, in the shower or at the office so you can feel inspired and ready to tackle the world

💕 Gain access to tips and tricks only my private clients get

💕 Short bite sized episodes to make them easy to digest

Valued at $97


Wendy asks uncomfortable questions to look at myself. After every interaction with her I gained strategies.

I didn’t love myself or see my worth when I started. Now I’m enjoying dating myself & show myself daily self care.

I am so much happier because of her.’


The real turning point for me in Wendy’s philosophy is to not get caught up in the story.

It has been pivotal to the change in my mindset. She guides you through the coaching and provides real-life applications for what she is teaching.

I always leave with a better understanding of myself.


‘She calms me & keeps me focused. She directs my attention where it needs to be and not on what my mind creates.

I cannot thank her enough for what she has done for me. I am excited to see what will transpire in our journey ahead.’


Wendy is incredibly understanding and empathetic.  She is just a great person. Spend 3 minutes with her and you know she is amazing and has your best interest at heart. She really does want you to succeed.

I know my conversations with her have always yielded a lot of insight and positive growth. I recommend her to everyone I know!


Join All The Other Empowered Women Who Have Taken Back Their Power, Their Voice, and Their Lives!

You can keep trying to DIY it, feeling stuck and alone


you can see the power of having a support system

alongside you as you navigate a new, unchartered path

doing so unapologetically, confidently, and while you feel in control

We are more powerful together than we are alone!


Is it time for you to become the powerful, strong, and incredible woman that you are dreaming of?

Wendy Sterling

The Leading Global Divorce Empowerment Coach and International Best Selling Author

My divorce recovery was anything but linear – it was an emotional roller coaster.

While the outside world saw a perfect family and high-powered executive at a major lifestyle brand and a great mom….

The shift from “married” to “separated” and then “divorced” was anything but easy or picturesque.

When I was able to utter the words, I immediately became ashamed, embarrassed, afraid, angry, and resentful and the most mundane tasks became 1,000,000x harder than they should have.

And it wasn’t until I stopped “lone wolfing” it and asked for help.

… I quickly realized

My divorce was happening FOR me, not TO me

I went from being in debt, leaving my corporate job to becoming a successful 6-figure entrepreneur, an international best-selling author, the leading global divorce empowerment coach, and host of my podcast, The Divorced Woman’s Guide which reaches over 100,000 per month!

This program will give you the tools to:

Here is The Total Bundle You Are Getting Today

Join Wendy in this course to FIND yourself during & after divorce to feel happy, confident, peaceful, and free so you can become the powerful woman you know deep down you are! Set new values, find your boundaries and step into your new life.

Protecting your children is a priority for any mother and we all know the challenges of protecting them while going through a divorce.  This training helps you manage the issues that may arise while co-parenting and empower yourself and your children to live their best lives.

Do you struggle to create boundaries? To set rules that are best for you?  The truth is you NEED boundaries not just with your ex, but everywhere.  This training is essential as you find your way into this new version of you.

Take control of your money and your financial mindset, no more guessing. In this training, you will be able to plan your future as a financially abundant place.  Feel empowered to call in abundance and live life on your terms

Exclusive podcast episodes around stepping into yourself, setting boundaries, learning to forgive, how to build your abundant life and be the individual you deserve to be.

Total Value of This Training


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