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What if you could create a rock-solid money mindset that helps you create a more financially secure future post-divorce?

The Money Mindset Masterclass Training is a proven system designed to help you create a better story around money, remove limiting beliefs around money and make sure you come through your divorce with the best money mindset.

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“Before I started working with Wendy I was stuck. Once I started talking more to Wendy it became clear that I had just signed up for a priceless gift.

She directs my attention where it needs to be and not on what my mind creates. I cannot thank her enough for what she has already done for me.”

By the End of This Program, You'll Have Mastered Your Money and Abundance Mindset!

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And it’s Your Job to Create The Mindset Your Future Needs!

Whether you are thinking about, are in the middle or finished with your divorce here is the truth…

It is one of your TOP PRIORITIES to create the very best financial security that you can.  

With years of experience helping women just like you, I have seen so many not prepared for the financial uncertainty and challenges that are present when divorcing. 

If that’s you this training is a road map that you must take to secure your own safetly. 

Creating the right money mindset with transform your life today and every day in your future.

Above All Else…

The Money Mindset will give you the skills, strategy, and resources that will allow you to confidently step into your very best future. 

You will be filled with confidence and left behind any damaging beliefs that used to be in your old money story. 

What's Inside?

Join Wendy for 60 minutes of in-depth training.

In this training, you will get incredible personal insights and strategies on creating the financial and life experience that you truly want. 

5 Steps to End Your Pity Party and Manifest An Abundant Post Divorce Life.

You are also getting this amazing training that will bring you into your true feminine power and show you exactly how to use your mind and energy to manifest the abundance you deserve…..

This is a step-by-step guide for finding your power, releasing your fears and becoming a powerhouse of manifesting energy for your post-divorce life.

“​​Wendy is amazing. I first found her on a podcast and I realized I had to change my mindset. I attended several of her workshops and then had a call with her where she asked what was stopping me from joining the Divorce Rehab Academy.

I told her it was the money and she asked me some questions on my money story that made me re-evaluate why I felt like I didn’t deserve to make myself a priority.

I joined and it was the best decision. 

Claim your power, manifest your dreams and create the post-divorce life that you will love and deserve!

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