How I went from wife, mother and corporate executive to knowing who Wendy truly is.

When I looked in the mirror I saw what others reflected back.

Or who it was they expected me to be.

I was a “people pleaser.”

A “yes” girl even when I wanted to say no.

Afraid of rejection, judgement and abandonment.

Always caring about what others thought of me.

Desperate to be seen and heard… no matter the consequence.

Meet Wendy

“Magic Pills”, The Struggle Bus & Obstacles AKA Detours…

My divorce recovery was anything but linear – it was an emotional roller coaster.

While the outside world saw a perfect family and high powered executive at major lifestyle brand, and a great mom….

The shift from “married” to “separated” and then “divorced” was anything but easy or picturesque.

When I was able to utter the words, I immediately became ashamed, embarrassed, afraid, angry, resentful and the most mundane tasks became 1,000,000x harder than it should have.

And it wasn’t until I stopped “lone wolfing” it and asked for help.

… I quickly realized

My divorce was happening FOR me, not TO me.

That First Year Was A Struggle

I didn’t heal quickly and I took many steps forward… and more backwards.

Every day was filled with self-doubt, fear, sadness and a lack of confidence that shook me to my core.

Many nights spent crying, re-living the past, blaming myself and pretending I was more okay than I was.

It was exhausting.

Painful heart to heart with friends, family and my therapist, desparately trying convince them (and me) that I would be okay.

23 years together, half of my adult life and now I was alone – something new to me.

Feeling overwhelmed and angry when my kids are home – this wasn’t the life I dreamed of.

Sharing custody.

Juggling child care and work.

And meanwhile living with a broken heart.

And when I saw that Facebook post about life coaching, I felt the urge to investigate. Knowing it would help me.

I knew it would get me unstuck, thinking about myself and help me recover from a crippling and unexpected life change no one saw coming.

So I took a stand for me.

I discovered I was living my life looking in the rear view mirror instead of focusing on the road ahead.

That I got to start making choices for my future so I hired a life coach AND enrolled in learning how to become one.

1. How to rediscover my voice and identity to own my choices and life…

2. How to end my victim mindset

3. How to create a vision for my life based on what I wanted – to dream for myself

After all that vulnerable work, I started to feel a shift

I discovered that my divorce could be the most empowering experience I went through to find my authentic identity and voice to design a life I loved instead of feeling stuck in the one I had.

And best of all…

I’ve had the honor of helping thousands of divorcees like you heal more quickly and move through their emotions to create confident, happy and peaceful lives.


Using my 5-Step Program, The Divorce Rehab™, to keep you accountable and in practice.

Over the years, I developed a reputation for being a tough-loving, bold coach

Who holds you accountable?

Not just giving you the steps.

But actually helping you see what will work for you to ensure you are on the right path based on wherever you are.

I’ve shown divorcees what works for them, the how to’s and truths that move you forward – with 24/7 support.

I’m able to do this because I teach what I know, what I did for myself – because it works.

I teach the same tools that got me through the emotions of my divorce in under a year.

So if this sounds like something you would like to learn more about, schedule a call to see if my program is right for you.

Are you ready to create a new, post divorce normal that feels joyful, peaceful, free and hopeful?

If I hear one more person say “I’m tired of feeling stuck” or “nothing I’m doing is working” or “I just want to be done” I might just scream.

Because I know you are ready to do the work.

That’s why you are still here reading this.

That’s why you listen to podcasts, read self help books hoping to swallow the magic pain-free pill.

By reading this you’ve proven your already and willing to do the work and “now” is the right time.

And feel confident that every bit of effort will pay off 100%.

Are you ready to embark on your path to rediscovery?

Pick the stage you are at to get immediate support for wherever you are.

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