It's OK to Not Be OK

Are you trying to find your way in this world? Do you constantly find yourself struggling to find the good within each day? Each one of us has a bad day, sometimes plural, and we don't always know why. Then there are days when we do know the why, but feel we lack control over the situation or don't know why we have that lonely feeling, or why we might be overwhelmed, depressed, sad, angry or hurt. You are not alone. In fact, this book proves it. It shows how other women came to realize It’s OK to NOT be OK. 


Wendy Sterling, Contributing Author 

I am a Divorce Recovery Specialist who utilizes tough love as a way to help divorced women unlock the limitless possibilities that lay before them … and give them a kick in the a** and the tools to live their best life!

I've written my own story in "It's OK to Not Be OK" entitled "Divorce has a Silver Lining."   I share what happened, how it affected me (sent me into depression) and how coaching helped me through,  and out of it, and what I have learned from it.  I am excited to see what is next for me.  What is next for you? 

Introduction to

Kim LaMontagne,
Visionary Author

  • Kim has lived with the experience of depression anxiety suicidal thoughts and alcohol use disorder. She have found her way out of the darkness into a healthy life.  Her  goal is to help others find their way out and provide support and encouragement

  • Kim is a Speaker, Teacher and Advocate with National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), an Ambassador, Speaker and Member of the Advisory Board of Worth Living Mental Health, a Member of the Dartmouth Hitchcock Health System Campaign to Combat Stigma and Discrimination in Behavioral Health, Contributing Author and Survivor. In April 2019, she will be certified by NAMI National as a State Trainer for the NAMI, In Our Own Voice program.

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