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Meet Wendy

Wendy helps women who are having trouble moving forward and tired of feeling stuck, pain, fear, resentment, anger and guilt to find joy, self-worth and freedom as a result of various life transitions by guiding them through her 5-Step Divorce Rehab Proprietary Program to move them forward in creating a confident life full of joy, peace forgiveness and acceptance.

Wendy provides 1:1 coaching, group coaching, workshops, retreats, classes, online courses and private Facebook communities to support divorcees wherever they are in their healing journey. As a certified Advanced ThetaHealer, she combines her intuition and energetic healing abilities with coaching techniques to move her clients through the healing process more quickly and manifest the abundant life they desire.

What is Divorce Rehab?

Divorce Rehab is my signature process to go from shame to empowerment.

Rediscover your identity and voice
End your pity party and victim mindset
Heal your wounds and mourn losses
Accept where you are & what has been
Build a new foundation for your next, best life

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The Divorced Woman’s Guide Podcast

Turn Your Divorce Into The Best Gift You’ve Ever Been Given!

Wendy talks about the things you’re thinking and not saying… and does so with a little bit of sass and a whole lot of class!

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⁕ Happy Clients ⁕

I can’t speak highly enough about Wendy and her work. I was hesitant to sign up because I didn’t want to admit I was heading to end my marriage. But she made an uncomfortable situation comfortable. in fact its been amazing. she is able to lovingly teach us about self love, confidence and empowerment. I now “get” to become the best version of myself. i am forever grateful.” – J.H.
Pam had joined multiple divorce support groups, but she really started wanting to move forward so she started working with me. “She’s given me tools to remove barriers from my thinking and help reframe new opportunities.”
Raya worked with me on the tail-end of what was a very traumatic divorce process and didn’t realize how much energy she was still putting into the past. “Wendy pulls you out of ditches you don’t realize you’re in.”
Meredith is a teacher and mother of two.  She came to me as a client for both ThetaHealing and coaching.  “Working with [Wendy] individually has really changed my life.”
Cindy went from being unable to move forward and thinking “poor me” to a complete transformation in just 2.5 months! Now, she thinks, “Hell yeah! Here I am. Take me world. I am living the way I want to live.”

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