30 Days To Create Boundaries

Join Wendy in this 30-day course to FIND boundaries during & after divorce to feel happy, confident, peaceful and free so you can become the empowered woman you know deep down you are!

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Join the 30 day course with Wendy and set boundaries you feel good about!

Thousands of women have joined my online coaching programs, summits, workshops and retreats. Countless others have and continue to work with me 1:1.

You can keep lone-wolfing it, feeling stuck and alone OR you can see the power in having a support system as you navigate a new, unchartered path – and doing so unapologetically, confidently and feeling IN CONTROL!

We are more powerful together than we are alone!

This program is for you if you are:

  1. Don’t know how to say no
  2. Tired of waiting for “it” to work
  3. Constantly people pleasing for others
  4. Desire discipline, support and accountability from someone that isn’t you!
  5. You’ve done therapy, coaching or listened to podcasts (reading books, too!)
  6. You are open to tough love coaching – that means hearing what your friends and family are afraid to say and you know is part of what is keeping you stuck
  7. You believe that your divorce might be a good thing, you just can’t see it yet
  8. You want your life back but don’t know how to get it

Are you ready to set boundaries this year?


This program will give you the tools to:

‘The real turning point for me in Wendy’s philosophy is to not get caught up in the story. It has been pivotal to the change in my mindset. She guides you through the coaching and provides real-life applications for what she is teaching. I always leave with a better understanding of myself.’

  • Rachel

‘Wendy asks uncomfortable questions to look at myself. After every interaction with her I gained strategies. I didn’t love myself or see my worth when I started. Now I’m enjoying dating myself & show myself daily self care. I am so much happier because of her.’

  • Monica

30 Days To Create Boundaries

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