When Divorce Is the Only Option

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When do you know that you finally need to CUT the KNOT?

Lean in and discover the signs when divorce needs to be the right option. If these signals are prevalent in your marriage, the earlier you face this and accept it, the sooner you start your healing process and the better chances you have for a more amicable relationship. 

 I am not advocating BUT educating people to live their best lives, and that separation is a decision that each of you gets to make for ourselves. 

Top points you’ll discover:

✔️ What does happiness mean to you? Being in a marriage with somebody is an opportunity for you to create happiness as a couple. So ask yourself, do you wake up every morning being thankful that you are with this person? Do you come skipping through the door on your way home from work, and you cannot wait to be in this person’s presence or to share with them about your day? 

✔️ Think about your interactions with your partner: Are more of them negatively charged than positive? Do you find that you are fighting and fighting unfairly? Do you find yourself raising your voice, not listening and just hoping to say things more negatively, hoping that you will be heard?

✔️  Identify if good communication is happening in your relationship. Do you feel comfortable and trusting that whatever you want to talk about, you can do so in a safe place, that you can do so with somebody who’s going to hear you?

✔️ Finding ways to avoid each other.  Is there less communication, but a whole lot of Netflix, TV watching, or catching up with work that had to get done? 

✔️ Better off as roommates. A lack of intimacy doesn’t just mean sex but the absence of true connection. If behind closed doors, your life looks very different, it’s time to open crucial conversations.

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