What I Learned From Betrayal

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Betrayal: Just hearing or reading this eight-letter word conjures up quite many emotions and beliefs within each of us. This is one of the deepest hurts that we can experience as it hits us right at the core of our ability to love and trust again. 

Those of us going through the end of a relationship and having experienced deception can understand how bitterness and hurt can feel in a completely new way. Often in the aftermath of separation and living through the broken vows, we are left doubting the person who betrayed us and also questioning ourselves.

In this episode, I cover the biggest lessons learned from my healing journey and how I started seeing my divorce and betrayal as a gift and as a silver lining.

Top points you’ll discover:

✔️  The truth is we created every event, every action, and every circumstance that happened in our lives — including the betrayal. We took part in the outcome just as much as our spouse did. Every choice we make carries a consequence that leads to all of the painful experiences.

✔️  Betrayal can teach you to take responsibility for your own life. Now, what does that mean? It can be hard to accept, even utter those words, or to consider it a possibility. But the sooner you understand it, the sooner you begin the healing process of your heart. And I learned that everything we experience, the good, the bad, and the ugly, are created by us. 

✔️  The universe will use any means necessary to get our attention. It is often through painful experiences that we awaken, and our former partners reflect the things hidden in the depths of our soul to reveal the things we need to see. 

✔️  Instead of seeing your ex as the villain, understand their integral role in your story. Their part was to hold the mirror for you to see your deepest wounds and beliefs and bring out all the things you had to address and heal. 

✔️ Like how a diamond’s raw beauty is formed from intense heat and pressure; painful happenings can also be life’s greatest blessings in disguise that will transform and empower us to achieve our ultimate purpose.

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