What Does it Mean to Have a Balance Between Being Selective and Not Selective Enough with Holly Battey

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For so many of us who went through a divorce, love is something that we dream of finding again. In this episode, Dr. Holly Battey, a dating expert, matchmaker, and coach, reminds us that, after all, love is still in the cards.


Tune in as we talk about what it means to balance being selective and not being selective enough with your next relationship, what to look for and how to vet a potential soulmate, and how your future can be very different from your past.

Key Points in this Episode:

✔️ To manifest a soulmate, you have to be your radiant best self. Finding new love requires that you have entirely accepted yourself and are willing and ready to show up differently this time. Regardless of who else is in your life or not, how you feel about yourself matters more than anything else. 

✔️ Divorce was not a failed relationship when you learned the lesson. The experience can be painful and devastating, but looking at what worked and what didn’t work in your significant relationships allows you to become better moving forward.

✔️ A scarcity mentality tells you to take the next best man instead of the RIGHT man. So many have experienced dating “Mr. Right Now” as opposed to “Mr. Right.” And for men, there’s “Ms. Right Now” instead of “Ms. Right.” 

✔️ The number one reason that you can’t find your soulmate is that you settle. So if you truly want a long-term relationship or marriage, don’t choose someone who isn’t a good fit; know what to look for and be intentional about it. Know the balance between being too selective & not selective enough. You have far more power than you know in dating.

✔️ Be willing to teach men how to treat you. It doesn’t have to be as complicated if you start communicating what you want and need. Men are not mind-readers, but they care. Hence, you must learn how to speak your mind and speak it authentically. Does your partner show up differently, or does he keep doing the same thing? Doing your part will leave you no regrets whether he’ll rise to the occasion or not.

✔️When do you know that your love is right? When your heart, your head, and your gut are all aligned. You will come to terms that you will feel the way that you want to feel. So many people ignore how they’re truly feeling out of fear of rejection or fear of not being what they want instead of setting the bar higher. So paying attention to that is vital.

Connect with Holly Battey:

Dr. Holly Battey has a doctorate in clinical psychology and is hailed as a dating expert, matchmaker, coach, and image consultant for over 8 years. 

She founded Find Love At Last in 2014 to help women and men find lasting love. An inspiring speaker, she empowers, advises, and speaks on image, strategy, online dating, partner suitability, communication, and commitment. 

With a successful career in executive search, she helps sincere, kind-hearted, conscious single clients find the love of their dreams. 

Website: www.findloveatlast.com

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