What Divorce Taught Me About Love, Marriage, and Relationships

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When I was married, divorce was never on my mind.

It never occurred to me that it had to be something I should learn about.

Fast forward to today, it continues to be that gift that keeps on giving. It has taught me about myself more than I ever knew.

Even though I’ve undergone therapy, I still believe that what I’ve endured and experienced post-divorce unraveled five lessons that I never would’ve discovered on my own.

Tune in to this episode on What Divorce Taught Me About Love, Marriage, and Relationships.

Top points you’ll discover:

 ✔️Pay attention to red flags. Ignoring red flags only justifies their actions. Look back on your own past relationships and think, “What were those red flags that I could reference to protect myself in future dates?”

✔️ Learn to make new friends. Maybe you’ve formed your entire circle based on your ex-spouse’s mutual friends. It’s either too awkward to reconnect or they’re busy with their married lives. The best thing to do? Find new people to hang out with!

 ✔️Reclaim your authentic self. Admit it, we’ve all been there. Don’t be afraid to show your real self to the world. Start being the woman you’ve always wanted to be.

✔️Single and alone is better than being married but lonely. Living alone isn’t the end of the world. It’s a privilege and a gift. Embrace it. You’ll notice that you now have so much free time in your hands. Why stay in a relationship that feels like a one-man ship?

✔️Point the finger at yourself and own your life. When married couples are in rocky waters, so much blaming happens. Divorce teaches you to stop surviving and start thriving. It’s time to take ownership of your choices.

✔️You are worthy of love and abundance in your relationships. Your story doesn’t have to stop at the terrible experiences. You can write the next side of that page to be full of happiness and success. You’re the author of your romantic endeavors.

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