The biggest move you could ever make after your divorce (or even in the middle of it!) is aligning with your heart.

This ultimately means getting out of your head and not listening to your ego. The negative inner voice is what’s keeping you stuck in resentment and blocking you from a brighter, more abundant future.

What I want for you is to get out of that unhealthy place and incorporate these new habits so you can finally step into your heart center and live a life of love and light.

Tune in to this episode on Top Moves To Make After Divorce

Key points covered in this episode: 

 ✔️ Do a spiritual practice consistently. Whether it’s meditating, journaling, reading scripture, or walking in nature, it has to be done regularly. Transformation is a 24/7 choice. But this doesn’t come automatically. As humans, we must choose to show up every day and do what we need to do.

 ✔️ Fight ego with discomfort. Doing something new requires the strength to intentionally do things differently. Go against auto-pilot mode because whenever you’re stretching yourself, that’s where you’ll find growth on the other side.

 ✔️ Push through the resistance. Do it even if you don’t want to! It’s so much easier to wallow in resentment, but combating the easy way out aligns us with our hearts. Check back in with yourself and ensure you’re within integrity as you go work your way through this divorce.

I invite you to challenge your ego daily and ask yourself if you’re speaking in your authentic voice. Have the courage and faith to overcome the challenges of your divorce by listening to your inner truth. This will catapult you into the life you desire.

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