The Shadow Side of Love with Junie Moon

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Why do people struggle in relationships, and so many women are their own worst enemies? In this episode, I share the screen with Junie Moon, also known as The Love Coach, who shares how true healing can be possible for women that have been through hell, heartbreak or betrayal and finding new love that they deserve. After gleaning wisdom from her own painful experiences, she holds the flashlight and teaches many others to walk through the dark tunnel and get to the other side.

Key Points in this Episode:

✔️ Why we are our own worst enemies, and yet we are our best friends as well. We can beat ourselves up with thoughts of “What’s wrong with me? Why did I do that? Why did I say that? Why do I keep creating the same horrible scenarios with people who seem different but end up being the same?” On some level, we’re also choosing these patterns as a way to stay safe and be careful while, on the other hand, also sabotaging the very things we want.

✔️ Know your inner risk manager. The mechanism of a “safety valve” built into our survival system ensures that we don’t take certain chances so that we don’t get hurt again. Call it an inner critic, a saboteur or a gremlin. Such results in self-sabotage and getting in our own way, afraid that if we do something differently & open up our hearts again, the same thing might happen. 

✔️ Discover the miracles of shadow work. This healing modality allows us to shine a light on our hidden parts and show up fully with our beauty and imperfections, and feel comfortable with that. In shadow work, we can identify a wound or a pattern that keeps showing up, that there are special processes that we do to break through those patterns. 

✔️ Understand the four love shadows. If you’ve been wounded in one of these four areas, this is going to be potentially detrimental to you opening up your heart and having a great relationship with others or with yourself. 

✔️ Know that love is not only possible, but it’s also our birthright. We need to get out of the way of being who we are, being ourselves and loving ourselves without apology and be able to experience next-level love just as we are.

✔️ What is a miracle? A shift in your perception. Become aware of the pattern or the pain or whatever is not working for you, and then say, I want something else, and I’m going to figure it out. Deciding that your circumstance is unacceptable is the most crucial step to achieving a breakthrough and massive change.

✔️ Take your power back on your choices and start making new decisions. Peeling back the layers of your shadows helps you get stronger and healthier. And at the end of the day, we can take back our control, clarity, and self-worth and be way more conscious.

Connect with Junie Moon

Junie Moon, The Love Coach, teaches women in midlife how to magnetize their ideal partner and experience Next Level Love. 

Using her unique heart-centered dating strategies, coupled with some powerful mindset tools that helped her magnetize the love of her own life, women learn to embrace this precious stage of life with confidence, playfulness and ease.

Junie’s an award-winning international speaker, #1 Amazon Best-selling author of Loving the Whole Package: Shed the Shame and Live Life Out Loud, director/producer of the film Shed the Shame, host of the podcast Midlife Love Out Loud and a Certified Shadow Work® Facilitator.

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