The Impact of Divorce on Family Dynamics

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The holidays bring up a smorgasbord of emotions that stir up the dynamics of how we relate to each other. In this episode, we talk about the impact of divorce on you, your family, the extended family and managing your ex’s family during this time. 

👉🏼 Tune in to the new episode of the Divorced Woman’s Guide —The Impact of Divorce on Family Dynamics.

Top points you’ll discover:

✔️ Surrender to the shifts. People come in and out of our lives for a reason. This holiday season, know that it’s OK if your family dynamics shift. Allow yourself to redefine what “family” looks like for you this year. Accept the changes. Don’t let your divorce dictate what it seems like every year for you to enjoy and make the most out of this season. 

✔️ If you spend the holidays that people usually don’t consider “normal”, it’s OK. Create new traditions that suit your family. While that seems sad or scary, there’s also so much excitement that comes with it. 

✔️ There will always be new situations and circumstances because this is life. It’s really about how you navigate the bumps, managing in the now, choosing to show up and create something memorable and special for yourself and having grace for the emotions that come up during this time of year. 

 ✔️ It isn’t very easy, but I know that just because it seems this way this year, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be the same in three years. I always tell my clients to root themselves in the now instead of worrying about how it’s going to be. 

 ✔️ Family is not just by blood. What I know to be true about family is all about love, connection, respect and relationship. Therefore spending the holidays can also be about being with acquaintances and friends.

✔️ How do you deal with your ex’s family after divorce? It can be a struggle during the holidays when we become acutely aware of how incomplete things are, especially if you were super tight and close to your ex’s parents, siblings, grandmother, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Have the grace for the emotions that come up for you and decide if you want to reach out, if you’re going to send gifts or still have a get-together.

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