Stop & Smell the Roses

A topic that has been very top of mind both in my life and in my certification program this week is acknowledgement. The feeling of being seen and heard. Seen for who you are, what you do, how you do it . . . what you say. The world (and our kids/families) have us all moving at such a fast pace these days and we forget to pause and acknowledge one another for what we do or say. It could be something as simple as saying thank you to your kids for bringing the dishes to the sink or your special someone for making dinner or your bestie who comforted you having a bad day. Or maybe it is simply saying, wow how do you get all of this done in one day? That happened to me this morning and it inspired this post (you know who you are if you are reading this).

I received a text this morning that said “I am so impressed with all the things you do and how active you are. And to think that you were doing of that and working full time, that is really special.” Wow, right?! Heart full and warm. Not to mention that I could not stop smiling . . . and still am just thinking about it. Simply a reply to my text where I stated what was on my plate for the day. These sentences completely changed my mood for the day. Just a simple acknowledgement and feeling like I am seen and heard. I replied thanking them and letting them know the shift they caused for me and how good those words made me feel. This opened the door to more communication via text in an area we all try to avoid – vulnerability! Interestingly enough, we both acknowledged it was something we were working on and agreed to be more aware and accountable to one another. Powerful stuff right?! Gives me goosebumps!

What might it be like for you and someone in your life to acknowledge them today? What would be possible? We are all guilty of not acknowledging everyone in our life every time – and that is OK! We are human and therefore not perfect. But imagine how different we and those important in our life might be if we just took a moment to share what you are feeling rather than assume. What would that feel like? What might that be like for you? Better yet, ask the other person what was that like for them!

So I invite you to acknowledge someone in your life this week – give someone the gift of feeling seen and heard. And when you do, come back and please share it below or with me personally. I would love to hear about the experience for both you and the person you acknowledge.


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