Marriage is hard. Deciding on divorce is even harder.

We have this internal conflict about whether to make the move because the choice impacts more than just us. Some will choose to cling to the illusion that things can be fixed or will get better.

But not all marriages are salvageable. And the best thing to do is to choose what’s best for you.

Tune in to this episode on Steps to Determine Whether Divorce Is the Right Decision for You.

Key points covered in this episode: 

✔️ Your communication is broken. Before the ultimatum, take active steps to resolve the issue. Ask for help from experts if needed. If the other person seems disinterested, that’s your answer.

✔️ You feel a little suspicious about random acts of generosity. If your partner suddenly spoils you with over-the-top gifts, granted that they never did this before, this could be overcompensation for something they’re hiding.

✔️ Divorce is in your mind during arguments. Intimacy should be created after fights. But if the opposite happens and the other can’t allow space for your differences, that’s a red flag.

✔️ Past memories bring more joy than the present. If you feel your marriage was better back then, work together to create more memories. Step back and evaluate if your partner refuses to participate.

✔️ You enjoy spending more time apart than together. Your partner should be investing their time and energy with you. See your worth. You don’t have to settle for less.

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