Resetting Your Vision in the Hard Times
with Kristy Carruthers

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After her son was born, Kristy Carruthers had to sell off their clothing, jewelry, and belongings. She started interviewing for jobs at four weeks postpartum. After living on credit cards for a few months, she just hit the end of the rope and ended up having to sell the house to pay the credit card bills. “The only thing at that point that kept us off the streets or from a program was the fact that my parents let us camp out in their basement for a few months to get back on my feet. And you know, it could have been so much worse. I set up a desk in their basement, and I would work the radio station during the day and go back to their place in the evening. And then, after kids were in bed, I would work for a few hours and keep trying to build my business. That’s when the mind shift happened. I said to myself, ‘You know what? This can never happen again. This is not acceptable.'” 

👉🏼 Tune in to the new episode of the Divorced Woman’s Guide —Resetting Your Vision in the Hard Times with Kristy Carruthers.

Key Points in this Episode:

✔️ From rock bottom to rocking life. Before she became a successful CEO and Founder of SHEcorporated, Kristy Carruthers’ journey to get there is one worth hearing and learning from. In this episode, she shares what it takes to rise from rock bottom and craft the life and business of her dreams.

✔️ Why balance is a lie. Balance means that sometimes you have to make some really hard choices that will pan out one day. But in that particular given moment, some sacrifices have to be made.

✔️The value of keeping your vision in the toughest times. As little girls, we had great imaginations. But then, as we get older, we start getting into day-to-day living just checking stuff off of our lists, and we forget what dreaming gets to look like.

✔️ Set the goal, work toward it and accept nothing less. There’s no reason to fear failure because your success is guaranteed if you don’t give up. Decide how you no longer want to stay where you are and do everything you can to live the life you deserve.

✔️ The vision of what that action looks like will look different in each step. We tell ourselves these stories that how we do things must look a certain way, and I tell you: it doesn’t. Once you take the first steps, everything will shift and evolve. You’re going to find out that all of those things you thought you needed to do before you could start aren’t even necessary. Just start moving forward.

Connect with Kristy Carruthers

Kristy Carruthers is the CEO and Founder of SHEcorporated, a company dedicated to helping women start and scale their businesses by connecting them with resources, training and a community to support them on their journey. Kristy is the host of the One Step Empire Podcast. A successful entrepreneur, writer, and speaker, she believes that entrepreneurship is really the path to freedom. SHEcorporated offers a free 5-day Business Kickstart Bootcamp for women ready to get into business for themselves. You can sign up at the site to join a community where women are supported. 

As a resource mentioned in the episode today, the Vision Board Kit would be great to download for free. Go to

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