Positive thinking has the power to transform your life, no matter what your current circumstances are.

Quantum physics tells us that we are all made up of energy. And energy carries a certain frequency or vibration. The more positive frequency we give off, the more we attract it.

This means that you have the power to control what happens in your life. You get to manifest positivity into your reality, even if you’re going through a divorce.

Tune in to this episode on Power of Positivity in Creating Abundance after Divorce.

Key points covered in this episode: 

✔️ Apply positive thinking in your life. You can do this through visualization and gratitude. Be mindful of your thoughts and spin negative ones into ideas that serve you.

✔️ Positive thinking impacts your health and well-being. It encourages us to take care of ourselves more, cope with stress better, and prevent ourselves from falling into a state of depression.

✔️ Drink from the half-full glass. Instead of dwelling on the things frustrating you, focus on the good things you have now and what you can change.

✔️ Positive thinking builds resilience. You know bad things just happen. And it’s not the universe that’s out to get you. You’re able to make the most of what’s happening in the present.

✔️ You can always start over. Positivity allows you to wipe the slate clean, learn from your mistakes, and create something new.

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