My journey of self-discovery was a process where I was able to truly understand who I was based on my experiences.


This meant letting go of comparison, intentionally living a meaningful and happier life, and choosing self-forgiveness.


These three things sealed my success in healing and ultimately, opened up my life to new possibilities. Only when I made that empowered choice to go through the journey that things started to change for me.


Tune in to this episode on My Journey of Self-Discovery After Divorce


Key points covered in this episode: 


✔️ Mistakes aren’t a bad thing. It’s part of being human. But owning your mistakes and doing things differently moving forward is what matters.


✔️ Stop self-loathing. Don’t feed the guilt. It’s important to be able to face your flaws and admit them. This creates less resistance and more ease into flowing into that healed state that you want to be in.


✔️ Make amends with yourself, and take small steps to change. You did what was best for you during those difficult moments. Now, it’s time to take action. Have someone who can help you develop new coping mechanisms to avoid falling into old habits.

✔️ Forgiveness is the most freeing thing you can give to yourself. As you work on not doing the same mistakes again, empower yourself to make choices that feel good to YOU. That’s when abundance will start flowing into your life.

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