Seeing your divorce through the lens of joy and forgiveness will take you to that abundant life you deserve.

I’m always working on giving you the most valuable information you need. And my past summits were intended to give you unique perspectives to get through this challenging part of your life. And with all the knowledge I’ve picked up, I realize that I want my program and this show to be calibrated to a frequency of forgiveness.

I hope that this episode gets you to a place of true healing rooted in your genuine heart.

Tune in to this episode on Moving On From Divorce

Key points covered in this episode: 

✔️ Focus on the lightYou must dive head-first to get to the other side. But this doesn’t mean dwelling in the darkness. Go through it while concentrating on the positives – the lessons and the brand-new life you’ll get to have.

✔️ Surrender to the power of the universeEverything happens for a reason. And you don’t even notice that you’re in the midst of receiving a spiritual gift.

✔️ Heal your heart through the lens of loveLet go of polarities. Be neutral as you reflect on the past and feel your heart expand.

✔️ Forgiveness is spiritual awakeningIt’s what catapulted me to true healing. We’re in this world to be open to change and be transformed. Your divorce is your ticket to up-leveling yourself.

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