Losing and Finding Yourself After Divorce

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It’s so interesting to see my full circle with the healing I have done and to finally see a huge difference where I am today versus where I was.

With a hundred episodes aired here at the Divorced Woman’s Guide, there’s always something from my own experience and the rest of our other guests and experts that you can glean lessons from and apply in your unique situation.

So please don’t give up and give yourself grace and compassion as we’re all riding this divorce rollercoaster. As always, I am here to support you.

WATCH ▶️ Losing and Finding Yourself After Divorce with Wendy Sterling.

Top points you’ll discover:

✔️ The divorce rate shows mind-blowing statistics. Do you know that women initiate two out of three divorces, making almost 70% of all divorces is women initiated? Even though the divorce rate is slightly declining, the rising area is called gray divorce, which comprises the 50 to 65 age group. The divorce rate has gone up close to 90% in the last five years and doubled in the previous 20 years. Isn’t that insane? The statistics tell you literally that you are not alone in this journey.

✔️ Whatever causes push one party to decide the marital dissolution, the psychological benefits for the persons involved far outweigh the costs and emotional distress of a divorce. Women go through more burdens after the relationship is over, yet they take the courage to stand up and decide when enough is enough.

✔️ You’ve gone through the heartaches of divorce, but you don’t necessarily have to let your health suffer for it. The risk of a heart attack in divorced women is two times more likely than in someone who is not. Your blood pressure spikes, you are in a heightened state, you’re anxious, angry and pained. Start your healing and recovery, overcome physical manifestations of divorce in your body and find support to get back to who you loved yourself to be.

✔️ My R.E.H.A.B program has helped me immensely and all the other women who walked their journey with me.

Reclaim your identity
End the victim mindset and the pity party
Heal your wounds
Acceptance and accountability
Building your new life

Are you ready for your healing?

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