It’s funny how life sends us on paths we don’t intend. But where it takes us is always so amazing!

While my divorce and mom’s passing shook me to my core, it also pivoted me in directions I never thought I’d travel. It became a time of deeper self-discovery and developing my intuition.

Recently, I’ve also discovered my life’s purpose goes beyond divorce recovery. And today, I’ll share my thought process and how you too can apply this in thriving through your life transitions. Believe me – this wasn’t easy. But it definitely is doable.

Tune in to this episode on Life Transitions Are Stepping Stones

Key points covered in this episode: 

 ✔️ Pivotal moments are uncomfortable for a reason. Like a caterpillar waiting in a cocoon to become a butterfly, life transitions are painful but true growth is waiting for us on the other side.

 ✔️ Reframe your perspective. Your divorce isn’t a sign of a failed marriage. It’s the universe telling you that you’re meant for so much more. This is your time to learn and become the best, most authentic version of yourself.

 ✔️ Reflect on what this transition means for you. What is it awakening you to? What is it preparing you for? Instead of feeling regret for the decisions you’ve made at that point, consider where this is taking you.

If you’re holding resistance from confronting this transition, ask yourself where is this stemming from. Because what I know to be true is that you’re on the path to a new you that you’ll fall in love with.

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Hello everybody and welcome to another episode of the Divorced Woman’s Guide podcast. How are you guys doing today? I am your host Wendy Sterling and I am looking forward to today’s episode for a reason that may surprise you or maybe not um but today’s episode I want to talk to you guys about how when we embrace transitions we are actually creating stepping stones to our next level.

Today’s episode is a very personal one for me because it really has to do a lot with the journey that I have been on um over the last, I would say probably maybe about the last year and a half really since my mom passed away and what has been going on with me has really been something along the lines of what I’m calling a spiritual awakening that has happened.

This podcast and divorce rehab really were the business that I created from my own challenging life transition of divorce uh and it was really born from the place of uh you know really wanting to help those of you guys who were navigating the same path that I was. Something unexpected, something that um you know I I never would have called myself a divorcee um but what I wanted was to create something that would help others like me, to support you guys and navigating a similar path.

You know it’s funny how life really does send us on paths that we don’t necessarily intend but yet at the same time it has been the most amazing, gosh it’s been now seven years of my life,  and while my divorce and my separation and you know all of that actually also coinciding with my mom’s cancer diagnosis.

I mean yes it shook me to the core and once my mom passed away about a year and a half I really felt another disconnect was happening between me and what my business looks like.

Really the work that I was doing and as many of you I’m sure are experiencing you know that grief can be a very profound teacher and it really challenges our entire being, our essence as I call it and really forces us to confront you know some some really deep stuff um and what I discovered last year uh you know. I’ve always been very spiritual but I think once my mom passed away I really was seeking a deeper connection.

To the universe to god to spirituality to my spirit guides to my angels one of whom is my mom and just the divine um and through that journey of grief and self discovery. What I experienced really was a massive spiritual awakening it really started at the I would say at the end of last year when I went to Egypt and um that was eye opening in so many ways. Tt really taught me new ways to tap into my intuition, it taught me um you know the gifts that I am receiving from spirit to bring into this world um and you know it really just awakened me and my intuition to a completely new level.

I realized you know starting in Egypt, and then I was in Puerto Rico, and then I was also in France um you know my purpose has really evolved and my mission uh you know, my purpose on this planet,  is really to extend beyond the realm of divorce recovery. So what I wanted to talk to you guys about today is really kind of what I’ve been experiencing myself around this transition that I’ve been going to and going through excuse me and ultimately the way that I see them are stepping stones that have really LED me to my next level of growth and fulfillment.

A lot of you guys know that I talk about this metaphor quite a bit but I believe that any life transition right these pivotal moments that happen in our lives are almost like a cocoon that shelters a caterpillar as it undergoes that beautiful metamorphosis and transformation into a butterfly. While at first you may be thinking to yourself you know jeez Wendy Cocoon does not sound comfortable right but neither are transitions right? Transitional periods feel uncomfortable they feel confining but what I know because I’ve been through this many times, is that within them lies the potential for us to experience and allow ourselves to lean into these inner shifts.

That allow us to emerge as a beautiful and evolved butterfly but not a butterfly that you think you know your wings are gonna look the way you think that they are and if you guys are open to exploring this perspective what I’m trying to also communicate to you is a reframe. So a reframe and how it is that you see this transition of your life um right now and instead of seeing it as you failed or even as your marriage failed what I have always preached and what I have done like I walk the walk, I talk the talk, but I viewed it as an opportunity to learn about myself. To refine my path, to become you know, to use what I had Learned, to become the best version of myself, and if there’s anything that my divorce taught me it was to really start paying attention to my intuition.

To let that start leading my life instead of others or even my ego and I felt as though the universe was really gently nudging me towards my most authentic self and really what my true purpose is in this life and on this planet.

I know that you guys can relate to experiencing a transition in your life where your entire world crumbled around you and if you’re anything like I was I’m sure you had or you still currently are questioning every decision that has lead you to that point. But at the same time like I invite you to consider what might this transition right like what might this be doing for you, how could it be shaping you moving forward, what is it awakening you to and if you guys follow me on social media um you know part of the shift in my business, is also shift in my social media so I actually encourage you guys to follow um my other Instagram account which is really where most of my content is gonna go moving forward.

Divorce rehab is still gonna be around but really where I’m putting my brand is at the handle is at Wendypaigesterling but I’ve been sharing a lot of my thoughts with my communities and it’s been amazing to read what people’s feedback has been around this transition that I am going through.

Just to name a few you know, one person talked about how graciously I show up, how I’m respectful how um even though it was clear I was deeply hurt I never was dismissive of my ex and I really have been open about sharing about my new love,  and um my new my new family that I’ve created um how we’ve cohabitated with our kids and really honestly how um you know one person said like I can see the light in your face and that tells me everything I need to know about how you healed yourself.

I’m glad that I have your support um you know to get through this and so you know it it’s really I feel so incredibly grateful to be doing the work that I do and I also know that it’s time for me to shift and to move into this next phase and so for me. It’s really about seeing how the last you know seven years of my life have really been a constant transformation and it is been me going through continuous transitions and none of them have been ones that I’ve really expected.

You know but as I go through them I find that I challenge my assumptions I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone and it has really forced me to grow in ways that I could have never imagined. I took August as a self care month and never did I think that that was gonna happen in my life but it’s been probably the most successful month of my business that I’ve ever had I’ve been doing less um but what I’ve noticed is that I have by doing less and being me um out in the world it’s really brought an amazing new uh group of women into my life that I now have the privilege of getting to work with. I feel aligned with my soul’s journey at this point in my life um you know I felt aligned before but you know there was some misalignment happening and now moving forward I really have received so much clarity on the work that I get to do and so I will tell you it is not been easy to embrace this um I have been in total resistance.

I’ve been working with my coaches to talk about it because um you know how do you let your baby go, like your baby business go, and it’s not that I’m you know it’s not that I’m erasing it but I’m moving into a new path and so I have had to confront my fears and my uncertainties about this shift head on and I have for quite some time.

For probably, I’ve been in resistance for probably the last six months but it really has been during those times of discomfort that I’ve really noticed and watched myself really grow and evolve and as I’ve been aligning my true self with this new path and listening to every sign and every even if it’s a whisper from the universe what has happened is abundance has really flowed with so much ease and I’ve been on this path that just resonates with my heart and my soul.

I feel a greater sense of authenticity and massive fulfillment and so what I will hope today’s episode is inspiring you guys to hear is really the next time that you are navigating the emotions, over this life transition that you are going through, if you feel as though it’s a setback I really really encourage you to shift your perspective. And instead to see it as an opportunity for learning, an opportunity for growth and transformation, rather than a failure and so I’m curious what it is that you guys are hearing, what is it that you are resisting right? Like what is it about this transition that has you questioning what’s next because what I know to be true is that what’s on the other side of this is insane growth and a version of you that you are gonna fall in love with. So definitely be sure to share with me! I wanna thank you guys for being a part of my community and also for listening to this particular podcast episode and all my other ones you know if there’s anything that I’d like to leave you with is that remember that life transitions are milestones on your journey to becoming the you that you were always meant to be.

So I encourage each and every one of you guys to embrace these this transition and what you will discover is that they are stepping stones to your next level.

So I hope that you guys enjoyed this week’s podcast episode. I wanna say thank you again for tuning in follow me on social media at Wendy Paige Sterling same thing on Facebook Wendy Sterling and uh more and new stuff is on its way!

We’ll be giving birth to and I just hope that today’s episode gave you guys a information to help you navigate wherever it is that you are in your divorce process. I hope you guys have a wonderful rest of your day sending you so much love, light and joy as always Mwah! Bye everybody