Key Things to Ask Yourself Before You Start Co-Parenting

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Does the idea of working with your ex to establish a co-parenting schedule fill you with dread?

Dealing with divorce while nurturing and raising children can be complicated. It requires patience, compassion, and open communication in order to create the stability children need.

Understanding how to communicate with your ex about issues regarding your children includes establishing boundaries and taking responsibility for your part in the divorce as well as your contribution to the co-parenting partnership.

In this episode, I’m sharing the most important things you should consider when entering into a co-parenting relationship and the key things you need to know in order to manage your expectations of your co-parenting team.

Three Things You’ll Love About This Episode:

Learn how to avoid bringing pain into your co-parenting relationship

Understand how you can avoid bringing past experiences with your ex into your current co-parenting situation and keep the children the focus of your communication.

Understand the value of your family as a support system

Recognize the people you need in your life to work through the pain and frustration of divorce without complicating your co-parenting situation

Reinforce boundaries in the way you raise your children

Adjusting to a new co-parenting schedule can be complicated, but establishing and enforcing boundaries allow you to catch yourself before heading into an argument and keep communication open.


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