Investing In Yourself After Divorce with Julie Danielson

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Have you ever thought about how we were so invested in our previous marriages but forgot to invest in ourselves? As you go through life during and after divorce, it’s time to prioritize YOU.

Key Points in this Episode:

✔️ Divorce is definitely a kick in the butt and a catalyst for transformation. Divorce coach Julie Danielson describes her experience as a massive catalyst for her growth: “all of a sudden life is stripped away from you, and you have an opportunity to reset, rebirth and renew yourself.”

✔️ So many women use that “Time heals all wounds” as an excuse not to do anything after Divorce. Julie and I are products of our painful pasts. We live to help others survive and thrive after going through their marriages falling apart. Understand that you can go fast forward and still be in the same place where there’s pain, fear, disappointment, and lack of self-esteem. 

✔️With coaching, you are better equipped to handle what life throws your way.  If you’re waiting to recover and not take action, seek help or do anything to try and facilitate that healing, you are hindering yourself from getting over divorce. Understand that time will not heal alone, but coaching will.  

✔️ The information doesn’t give you the transformation — you have to apply it. You can read all books in the world and listen to all the motivational videos & podcasts, and you will still find yourself in a slump. NOT APPLYING the information you’ve learned or NOT INVESTING in yourself to do the work and get the tools hinders you from moving through the divorce as soon as you hope it could be.

Connect with Julie Danielson

Julie Danielson is a Certified Professional Coach through the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). She is also certified as an “Energy Leadership™ Index – Master Practitioner” (ELI-MP and a Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Julie serves on the board of Thriving Coach Academy, a coach training school that trains new coaches with the most cutting-edge tools and practices in the industry.

An avid writer, her works have been featured in many publications. Julie’s article on divorce went viral in 2018 and earned her top 10 blog post with 

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