Divorce is painful. And unknowingly, this pain we feel stirs up anger inside of us that is so difficult to let go of.

I’m here to tell you that holding on to this resentment won’t change your circumstances nor will it make you feel any better.

Let me share with you three ways you can finally release these emotions and open yourself up to a new life of joy.

Tune in to this episode: How to Stop Resenting Your Ex

Key points covered in this episode: 

✔️ Acknowledge your emotions. 

Step out of the victim mindset, own what happened and how you feel, and name that feeling. Being aware of its existence helps you move forward in dealing with it.

✔️ Express your anger. 

You can do it in a healthy way, such as writing a letter or talking aloud in the car – as long as nobody hears you. What’s most important is releasing it.

✔️ Heal yourself. 

Recovering from emotional hurt is no different from a physical injury. Nurture yourself, give yourself compassion, and pick up the lessons you need to move forward.

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