Money can be an overwhelming source of stress or anxiety before, during, and after divorce. While it can be difficult to confront $$$ issues, women going through divorce and debts can start recognizing that it is just a number. Taking that first step towards knowing that is something you should be proud of. 

Our friend Britt Baker, the money management expert over at Dow Janes, recommends mindset shifts and a weekly money ritual to help you overcome the dread, take the burden off and make taking care of your finances a light and pleasant experience. 

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✔️ Creating that financial self-care practice is part of the healing process. 
Taking care of your financial health should be just as much of a priority as taking care of your physical and mental health. Have the courage to get to grips with your numbers, and don’t delay it any longer. Financial wellness is the new self-care. 

✔️ Shine a light on your mental relationship with money.  
If you could manifest whatever vision you have, no matter the cost, what would it be? Imagine working on a blank canvas and painting the big picture for your life. See and feel what can bring you true satisfaction in your relationships, career, and finances, and you will find it easier to take concrete steps in making them a reality. Clarity is an essential element of financial well-being.

✔️ What is your own story that you’re going to write with money? 
Our concept of money comes from the mindset that our families passed down consciously and subconsciously to us. Making better spending and saving habits and becoming a more reasonable financial decision-maker requires altering our attitude toward money. 

Britt recommends creating a clear picture of what kind of person we want to be when it comes to money and why we want to possess it. We should strive to write our own narratives rather than blindly accepting ones written for us.

Britt Williams Baker is a Harvard Business School graduate, an expert investor with 10+ years of experience, and a money mindset coach. 

She co-founded Dow Janes, to teach women+ how to take control of their finances with a step-by-step education and community of support.

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