One day, I had a moment where I was just so exhausted. So I was venting to my coach from a place of victimhood.

What I realized was that I was feeling this way because I hadn’t been taking care of myself. I’ve neglected my needs. I haven’t been nurturing myself to receive love and care.

If you are on a low-vibrational day, chances are that all you need is some self-care – to slow down and prioritize yourself. Doing this will open you up to the abundant life that you deserve.

Tune in to this episode on How Self-Care Creates Abundance After Divorce

Key points covered in this episode: 

 ✔️ You have the power to shift your energy anytime. You can allow yourself to lean into what you’ve been ignoring. Faking it will only waste more energy and attract things that you don’t want.

 ✔️ This month is dedicated to your self-care. Set the intention that you’ll be loving and caring for yourself. Every decision you make should serve you and fill your cup.

 ✔️ Allow yourself to feel the icky stuff. When you acknowledge these feelings, you will have to get to the other side eventually. Listen to these emotions and thoughts and consider where could they be coming from.

 ✔️ Carve out time for self-care. Nobody else will do it for you. It doesn’t matter if it’s an hour or 15 minutes. You get to make yourself a priority and do activities that nourish you.

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Welcome to another episode of the Divorce Women’s Guide podcast.

How are you doing today? It’s Wendy your divorced woman’s guide and the host of this podcast.

You’ll notice that my surroundings are just a little bit different in today’s episode.That is because I am up in northern Wisconsin and I’m here to actually pick up my youngest son from camp so that we can make our family vacation.

We’re supposed to leave so I wanted to come to you guys today and talk to you about something that I have actually been experiencinh
it’s literally happened within the last hours and it’s so important to me to talk about.

I know that it’s something
that you’re gonna relate to
and what that has to do with
is the importance of self care and creating abundance in your life
and hear me out
and I’ll tell my story around how it is that.

Today’s episode was inspired so yesterday I had a moment where I was just in a screw this I’m exhausted I’m tired why is this feeling so hard type of a place.

I reached out to my coach who basically was like okay Wendy like you know you’re you’re naturally a doer and you’re really strong in your masculine energy and what you get to do is you know lean into what’s coming up for you.

I got some really really great coaching from her, lot of things I always say to my clients haha um but you know it helps to hear it and and I’m sharing this with you guys because it’s important that I’m authentic with each and every one of you about my experience.

Because I’m sharing with you what I know works for me and I know that it’s gonna work for you, 
because I am literally no different than you are and so I was in this like really low place yesterday.

To the point where I was like I was venting I got back into my victim mentality and I was I like bawled my eyes out like no joke bawled my eyes out yesterday and what I came to realize was that I wasn’t taking care of myself.

In a way that nurtured me to be able to receive and so the topic of today’s episode is really all about
the importance of self care in bringing abundance to you.

I’m gonna literally give you like exactly what has happened for me and how abundance has come in.

So when all this was happening yesterday I was I mean, I was ranting you guys like,  I was just like I was having one of those days like how many of you can relate to that? I know you can.

I just let myself feel into it. And I just accepted that I was gonna be in this place
but that you know come tomorrow, which was today that I was gonna move through it.

I knew that I was getting on a plane and I don’t know how many of you guys love airport time but or airplane time but I do because it’s like uninterrupted time. Yes you can get Wi-Fi access I don’t necessarily choose to do that I just like it’s almost like I put myself in a cocoon
for it was a three hour flight, and I just put myself in this cocoon and I just let myself be with me and I pulled out my journal  and my coach had put in some inspiring words um that I listened to prior to journaling and I just wrote.

I wrote for three hours. I wrote over six pages in my journal, not judging, just letting my thoughts flow and come out and be free.

And what I ended up working through were some
really big blocks around abundance that I didn’t know that I was necessarily keeping or that were in my subconscious.

It wasn’t until I allowed myself to journal to tap into my subconscious self that I was able to see how I was blocking abundance from coming into my life.

And why things were feeling so heavy and so hard and just exhausting and feeling out of alignment.

And so I wrote for this whole time and so many things I wrote down didn’t necessarily make sense to me at the time but I just went with it.

I just let it be and I didn’t question the thoughts. I just I let it be and I figured they would make sense at some point in time. And so I just kept writing and writing and writing and by the end of the flight you guys, I kid you not I felt so free, I felt so light, I felt so in flow, I felt um happy, I felt joyful. I was just like wow I feel like I just like let go and release so much stuff that I’ve been really holding it and I get off the plane and I need to get a rental car.

So I go to where I made a rental car reservation I walk up to the desk and the woman looks at me and she goes um you know oh there’s an opportunity, if you wanted to upgrade your car and I was like oh that’s so that’s so kind but I rented the car I need, I like the price, I got like I’m good but like thank you so much for offering. And she goes – I’m gonna try to work something out for you- and I kid you not she gave me a luxury X it’s brand spanking new you guys a brand new X as my rental car.

Now keep in mind that I had a almost three hour drive to where it is that I am these beautiful lake surroundings,
which you can see, the lake behind me it’s like unbelievable. So I did three hour drive and I looked at her and I was like oh my God are you kidding? I’m like seriously she’s like yes so thank you! I’m gonna receive the abundance and so I got to receive this beautiful luxury car that I got to drive here and I was comfortable I had Carplay I was listening to audiobooks, I was listening to music,  I was talking catching up with people on the phone and I realized that I needed to call my son’s camp to coordinate for his pickup tomorrow morning cause I hadn’t responded to my email yet.

so it’s like oh just give him a call. So I call them and all of a sudden like I’m on the phone with the camp director and she is like oh my God Wendy she’s like your son was literally just here a second ago asking me the same question that
you’re asking. Which is what time is he being picked up tomorrow. I was like no way that’s so funny she said god you guys must really be on the same wavelength and I said clearly we are but it doesn’t surprise me because for a couple of reasons. No. one my youngest and I well I’m very connected to both my kids past lives the whole nine yards.

But with my younger son I haven’t seen him for almost eight weeks and even though he’s been gone like
I’ve felt him and so it’s given me comfort and yes of course I get pictures that are uploaded you know to the camp website that I get to see you know every couple of days.

There was like a week that went by that I didn’t see a picture of him but nonetheless um I got to see him and um so I said to her I was like you know this doesn’t surprise me just kind of with what’s been going on today. That he and I are like very much in sync and she’s like yeah it’s so amazing and I thought to myself you know like is it or is it because I’m in slow and I’m in receipt of an abundance of love that my youngest son is sending me energetically right?

Like we’re both on the same frequency right and what I noticed is that by the plane ride enables me to really up level my frequency, up level my vibration to a place where I was able to feel and to receive that high vibration energy that he was emanating and I could feel in that moment that it was time like right then and there on my drive to give him a call.

It’s important that you guys hear this because I want you to know and to hear what I said which is that ultimately you have the power at any given time at any moment to shift your perspective to shift your energy to allow yourself to feel into and to hear what it is that you’re trying to ignore and pretend isn’t there and what ends up happening is that you’re like  faking it to make it and it’s taking times as much work, and it’s taking times as much energy and what you’re receiving isn’t even what you desire. So what I have Learned in all of this is that when I take care of myself when I declare that I’m gonna make August a self care month which is what I actually did I decided that this was gonna be my month of self care it also happens to be my birthday month and so I’ve decided that this is the month of self care for Wendy. Now this doesn’t mean that I don’t engage in self care other days of the year it just means that my intention this year is to feel cared for by myself and so anything that I engage in anything that I put out is going to ladder back to what is self care for Wendy. How is this achieving my goal for this month of self care?

So I invite you guys to think about what does that look like and it doesn’t mean pedicures and massages and vacations that’s not what I’m saying sometimes it’s a mindset shift right sometimes self care is letting yourself write out this icky stuff that doesn’t feel very good for you to have to think about or to write about woo bugs um it it’s about things that you know when you write about that kind of stuff.

You’re nurturing yourself and ultimately self care is about taking care of yourself. There was so much inside of me that I wasn’t taking care of that I was like pushing aside because I was like I gotta do do do I gotta go go go I got all the stuff to do I gotta go get you know my son I got I’m leaving for my family vacation like I do like insanity and it wasn’t just driving me crazy I know that it was driving the people in my life crazy and literally since I decided to kind of bring it down a notch and to really like reflect and be like this is what I need, this is what’s gonna work for me, I have a lot of stuff going on up here in this head of mine. My ego is running rampant the volume is up on my victim mentality and on my negative inner critics it is time for me to just let them bent let them have their moment so that I can work through it and figure out what is underneath.
Because when you allow yourself to take care of that hey I’m not saying don’t deal through that the shitty stuff the negative stuff that’s coming up, what I’m saying is is you have to like it is a requirement to feel through to get to the other side so that you can then look and say like, oh I get it,  I hear it this isn’t true or what is it for my past that’s creeping in that maybe I haven’t necessarily like done all the work around.

And so for me what I Learned I had to do with the fact that I wasn’t taking care of myself and so I got to remind myself that that gets to be a priority for me this month. And since I’m literally since I have landed on the plane that is all that has happened I have had beautiful interact with the staff here at the hotel that I’m staying at like I have this beautiful lakefront room, I didn’t book a lakefront room, but I have a lakefront room, I had a beautiful meal where the guy comped me like an upgrade on like some of my meal that I ordered like I am literally just like yes I am, I am worthy, and I get to receive all of this because my head is in a completely different place. So I hope that with this podcast episode that it inspires you to engage in more self care this month engage in it every single day. Nobody is gonna hand you time on your calendar it is something that you have to carve out by yourself it is something that you get to make yourself a priority for and again just have to be an hour, yeah I had three hours on a plane today, that was a gift and here I am sitting out by the lake and instead of sitting in my hotel room watching YouTube videos or TikTok or Instagram reels or television, I’m choosing to be out in nature.

I wanted to record this podcast as soon as I’m done I’m gonna whip out my journal and I’m gonna start journaling again I have a book with me, I’m gonna read my book, all self care okay, all self care all Wendy, how can I nourish and nurture Wendy and that’s what I wish for each and every one of you guys.

I hope that this podcast inspired cause as you know with every podcast episode my entire mission is to make sure that I am gifting each and every one of you guys with a negative information that is gonna help you navigate wherever it is that you guys are in your divorce process thank you so much for tuning in.

I wanna remind you guys that I offer free complimentary support calls, call them discovery calls if you go to  schedule let’s see what’s going on with you and how I can help you. If you’re not a member of my Facebook group please join it’s Free Divorce Rehab with Wendy.
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