How Community Helps You Heal Post-Divorce with Daniel Herrold

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Do you feel isolated and in need of connection after divorce? You’re definitely not alone.

Choosing who we spend time with after divorce is an intentional choice that requires us to first look at what we truly want and how we want to spend our time. 

In this episode, Divorced Over 40 creator Daniel Herrold shares his journey to creating a community for divorced individuals. During this conversation, we dive into the importance of connection and why so many people start dating too soon after divorce when what they’re truly looking for is a tribe.

Three Things You’ll Love About This Episode:

Learn the impact of community on your emotional recovery

During this interview Daniel shares the moment he realized the importance of community and how those connections helped him do the emotional work of divorce.

Understand how the divorce process differs between women and men

Daniel discusses how men process emotional needs post-divorce and we explore how processing may look different but come to the same positive result.

Challenge yourself to have tough conversations

Think about the questions you should be asking yourself when dating potential partners in order to avoid difficult situations later.

Guest Bio:

Daniel is the Co-Creator of DivorcedOver40, an online community of divorcees in their 40’s & 50’s, as well as a dad to 3.  Daniel enjoys helping others find joy in their independence and self-discovery over 40 by providing content & creating a community for this age group.

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