Have You Addressed the Common Denominator in All of Your Relationships? – with Karen Stanley

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Have you ever thought about how YOU are the common denominator in all the relationships that didn’t work in your life? Speaker and bestselling author Karen Stanley lifts the box lid and opens this idea to remind us how we must look inward and take the lessons from the pain and move on stronger from those exes in your life.

Key Points in this Episode:

✔️ Know that no matter what hell you’ve gone through, you can experience lasting love—starting with yourself. Karen reminds us that we need to ask first: How do I respect myself? How do I trust myself? How do I love myself? Building your self worth first will allow you to attract someone who will love, cherish, trust and respect you.

✔️ Every single person who has been in your life teaches you something. If you focus on that, you can avoid making the same mistake with the next person and move forward. 

✔️ Self-esteem and confidence often take such a hit because we tend to play the comparison game with our former partners. So take notice when the negative self-talk starts coming in, and recognize when that voice is creeping in and learn how to combat it.  

✔️ Your personal evolution is beautiful as it is painful.  Reinforcing new beliefs in yourself doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a slow, tedious process. Give yourself grace and compassion, and you will get to the person, the partner and the life you want by choosing to take the first courageous steps. 

✔️ Your dreams are put into your heart because they’re meant to be.  If you have trouble believing that what you want to create is impossible, start journaling and discover how the universe is showing you what resonates with you in your heart. Your past does not determine your future, and get clear and put down in writing what you desire.

Connect with Karen Stanley

Karen Stanley is a marketing executive, professional speaker and author of the bestselling book Becoming Mrs Stanley. She is Amazon’s #1 new release author and frequently speaks in self-improvement podcasts. 

Her life’s experiences paved the way for Karen to help many others. Learn her story: 

“Hi, I’m Karen! I’m not a doctor or a psychologist. I was a single mom for a thousand years (OK, eight), and I finally attracted real love after divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure and repossession of my car – while raising two kids alone.

 After struggling with self-worth and attracting the wrong partner time and time again, I wondered if I could use similar strategies I used in business to create a plan to build self-worth — one with easy-to-implement, actionable steps. So I did, and IT WORKED. 

I believe no matter what hell we’ve gone through, we can experience lasting love—starting with ourselves.”

Website: MrsKarenStanley.com 

Instagram: @officialmrskarenstanley

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