One of the greatest gifts I give my clients is my intuition . . . but it wasn't something I listened to very often.  It tried many times to speak up - I was wearing ear silencers and chose not to listen.  And I felt sensations in my body that I thought were stomach aches.  What took me some time to realize is those stomach pains were my body speaking for my mind . . . MY GUT was literally speaking to me.

Looking back at my marriage there were SO many times I recall my instincts trying to warn and tell me to open my eyes and stop making excuses.  To focus on ACTIONS vs WORDS.  He was really good with words . . . actions never backed it up.  I fooled myself into believing I was wrong, that words meant more than actions and I suddenly lost my sense of self and stopped trusting ME.  Trusting in my intuition.  Trusting that what I felt was a warning.  I was a raised to be a pleaser by nature (hehe) and was taught to keep my opinions to myself, especially if they disrupted the status quo.   So in my marriage I pushed aside the doubt, the discomfort because I so badly wanted the vision of my husband to be who I wanted him to be.  I was swept away by the dream, the fantasy I built in my head - my happily ever after.  Turns out he was exactly who he was - I finally started seeing the man in front of me.

And the world I worked so hard to build came crashing down . . . once my blinders came off and my gut punched me harder than ever before.  And I am SO glad it did . . . at the time I was devastated, sad, furious, hurt, betrayed, ashamed.  But today I stand here better than ever.  Why?  How?  

Why? I took a hard, hard look within me to see where I failed in our marriage.  To admit I was miserable, but didn't make bad choices in how to deal with my misery.  I worked on the qualities within me that I wanted to change - and learned to accept my flaws.  Because it makes me Wendy.  It makes me who I want to be - who I now am.  And I love her.  I love her more now than I ever have.  

How? Coaching and therapy combined!  I had been in both couples therapy with my ex and therapy for myself for a few years prior to my separation, so I was already working on finding myself again.  However what really made a big different was when I studied to become a life coach while being coached on my divorce and the transition to a life I never imagined.  I worked with my therapist to come to terms with my past and worked with my coach to design my path forward as a SHAMELESS DIVORCEE!  I was with my ex for 22 years, married for 15 years and in just one year, yes 1 YEAR, I was through the heartbreak of my divorce and had completely re-created a new life for myself.

Today I stand here as the best version of me.  And I have both coaching and my intuition to thank.  Sure, I have setbacks.  The pain is still there - I am human, beauties!  I admit it!  The difference is I now have the tools to get through the pain more quickly and deflect my ex's narcissistic energy.  And I now give my clients those same tools and work with them to design their path to a better, happier more fulfilled life.  And my clients also receive my intuition as part of the Wendy package!  Ask my clients - it's powerful! 

I love helping women drop the pity party, end the sob story and take the shame out of divorce.  I show my clients how to trust their intuition, step into their power and enter the next phase of their life better than ever!  Does it happen overnight?  No!  Do I do it for you?  HELL NO!  YOU HAVE TO WANT THIS MORE FOR YOU THAN I DO.  And I want it SO badly for you.  Because I see what it looks like on the other side.  I see the real, authentic, amazing, bad-sass you!

Let's take the step together - I will hold your hand every step.  Join the movement of women taking the shame out of divorce.  Let's fall in love with the starting over process!  And get up stronger than you ever knew possible!

"Always trust your instincts.  They are messages from your soul."




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