Divorce isn’t a punishment. It’s an opportunity for your rebirth.

I say this because of my own experience that has allowed me to start relearning everything. It sounds scary, but wallowing in a pity party won’t help you get there. It’s about making a conscious choice on what you truly want to do in your life.

The slate has been wiped clean. Now’s your chance to fill it with the things that bring you joy!

Tune in to this episode on Divorce is a Rebirth & Awakening

Key points covered in this episode: 

✔️ Look for the light amidst the darkness. Yes, you made mistakes. But you can now forgive yourself and open your eyes to the light. That’s where the lessons are. That’s where love and gratitude are waiting for you.

✔️ Learn how to ask for help. Our negative inner voice can be loud – so have a trusted friend who is louder! They should be saturating your mind with encouragement and empowering you to believe in yourself. You don’t have to do it alone.

✔️ You’re stronger than you think. You can pick yourself off the floor and try again. You give yourself permission to live life on your terms. Listen to your intuition, and do what you feel like doing!

✔️ This is your chance at a spiritual awakening. You get to gift yourself a new life that you desire. No more feeling stuck about where your ex has left you with.

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