Co-Parenting Done Right – 5 Tips to Get Back on Track

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Regardless of where you are in your co-parenting relationship with your soon to be ex-spouse or your ex-spouse, there are five ways to always get yourself back on track and create the co-parenting dynamic that works for you. 

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Top points you’ll discover:

Tip #1: Always put your kids first. When you put your kids first, it essentially means that you are also putting yourself in their place. The best way is to think about how you communicate with your co-parent. If your kids were ever to get a hold of that voicemail or to see that email, would they find you coming from a place of bitterness or anger? Would you have no shame or embarrassment around how you were communicating with your ex? 

Tip #2: Stop thinking that your co-parent will show up any differently than how you were together in the relationship. Truth bomb: your ex is never going to change. YOU will not help them change. They have to want to change by themselves. When we are constantly in the mindset of trying to get them to be somebody we want or expect them to be, we’re focusing on all the things that we don’t have control over instead of focusing on the things that we do have control over. 

Tip #3: Create boundaries. Creating boundaries is crucial when shifting out of the marriage dynamic and into a co-parenting relationship. You make new limitations based on your role as mom or dad instead of coming in as ex-wife or ex-husband.

Tip #4: Co-parenting is a constant dance. The marriage may be done, but it is never over. When you share kids, your relationship is forever. That is just the reality. And so what I always say is be flexible. Sometimes the dance may go fast; sometimes, it may go slow. Sometimes you take the lead, and sometimes you don’t. But at the end of the day, you must make sure that you don’t compromise your values and compromise your individuality as you navigate a co-parenting relationship. 

Tip #5: Less is more when communicating with your co-parent. How many times do you go into explanations and share too much information with your ex? Learn to master situations when you don’t have to give and entertain the extra commentary.

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