When challenges arise, it’s so easy to default into doing what’s comfortable. But this autopilot setting keeps you stuck in the monotony of life.

What I know to be true is that this way of thinking isn’t serving you. You need to get off that hamster wheel to live to your full potential. But what it takes is having the courage to make uncomfortable decisions.

It’s indeed scary diving into the unknown. But you get to make that choice.

Tune in to this episode on Choosing Courage Over Discomfort

Key points covered in this episode: 

 ✔️ Having courage changes your life trajectory. When you take the challenge of standing up for yourself, thinking differently, making new choices, and letting go of people’s opinions, your reality will align with what you want.

 ✔️ The universe opens up when we surrender. August was my self-care month – and the moment I set that intention, I have reaped more rewards than any other time in my life. It starts when you resist the urge to fall into the old mindset of scarcity.

 ✔️ Courageous steps don’t have to be huge. It can be as simple as making a friend, seeking help from your community, or getting a mentor to help you unpack your resistance.

✔️ Change happens once you let go of what doesn’t serve you. The longer you hold on to limiting beliefs, the more you’re blocking yourself from what the universe is trying to bring to you.

I invite you to commit to choosing discomfort. Be present with everything that comes your way so you can make the most out of it.

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Hello everybody and welcome to another episode of the Divorced Woman’s Guide podcast. How are you guys doing today?

I am really excited to be coming to you guys today, actually from Wisconsin. I am at a friend’s beautiful lake house and that’s actually what my view is right now, maybe you can see it if you’re watching me on YouTube, haha you can see the reflection behind me um but I am really excited to actually share today’s episode with you guys.

Because it is a topic that is actually been coming up while I have been here. I had the amazing privilege of meeting a wonderful group of friends, who have now really become more like family, and we get together every year and the theme really of this particular trip that we’re on is really about choosing courage over comfort.

That is today’s podcast episode theme I want to talk to you guys about this today because it is we default so easily um over you know doing what feels comfortable. And I call that staying on autopilot, and the problem with that is that it keeps you in the same monotony of life, it keeps you in the same mindset that you have been functioning in your entire life.

What I know to be true is that it’s not serving you it just isn’t what it’s doing is it’s keeping you on the hamster wheel of the life that you have been living. And if you are anything like me I wanted to get off that hamster wheel so badly and I wanted to get off that hamster wheel so badly, because what I ultimately ended up realizing was that I was choosing comfort over having the courage to make decisions that didn’t feel comfortable right.

That put you in that discomfort place and I think that the scariest part was that it was also unknown you know, choosing courage means that you are choosing that decision that thought that is unknown and that’s why so many of us to are so clear from that place but what I can tell you is that when you have the courage to take a stand for yourself, when you have the courage to start making different choices, when you have the courage to start thinking differently, when you have the courage to stop worrying about what other people are gonna think, when you work on all of those mindset shifts it changes everything. It changes the trajectory and what I know to be true and I’m witnessing while I’m here with my amazing friends, is that it also takes a support of a community um you know we’ve been here together for gosh this is now like day and yesterday we went out on the lake and it was so fun. We went out on the lake and we started pulling um Oracle cards um and it was so fascinating because every card that we pulled for ourselves hopped into the discomfort that we were avoiding and we all committed at the end of our boat ride to hit to cross the line to really stand in a place where we were gonna have the courage to make a different choice for ourselves. That we were going to embody this new way of being that we knew was our future. You know so many times we just stay stuck because it’s comfortable and it’s known.

When we have courage and and faith and we choose to surrender oh you guys it’s like the universe opens up and I can tell you that over the last month okay, the month of August, has been my self care month and it is the month where I have actually done the least and I have reaped more rewards this month in abundance in my life, whether that be financial, whether that be friendship, whether that be a connection, it is over my cup is overflowing in the best way possible.

And it is because I have the courage, to take a stand for myself and say like I’m gonna take care of myself this month, I’m gonna put myself first. I got into the monotony of doing, I got into the monotony of you know just thinking about other people which is old ways right, I started getting to old habits and the second that I made the decision to choose me, which meant having the courage to sometimes say no, having the courage to resist the urge to just like you know let um scarcity or let these uncertainty fears take over my life and I have really gotten down this practice of making sure that it isn’t going to like what’s coming up and how I wanna say it is that like it doesn’t get to override me. That I get to choose what is best for myself and what I know to be true is that every single time that I choose me, that I choose you know this month choosing me looks like self care, everything has awakened for me. I have stepped over that line, I have crossed over into that abundance, in every area of my life and I I am living the life that I desire.

I have the choice every single day to to do that and I wanna empower each and every one of you guys to see that you guys have that same power to do that. There’s a process to get to this place of course, however what it takes is one baby step just one baby step, and so many times that baby step comes with you having a community, having a friend, having a coach that can like a mentor that can help you to see what it is that you are resisting.

How many of us stay in that place of resistance because and when we’re in resistance, I find that we also choose justifying our choices in that moment right and you know it’s like we’re we’re playing this dance between like staying safe and like taking a risk right?

When you really think about what it is that you are resisting right what is it like, what is that deep thing that you are resisting in your life is it you know you’re resisting feelings that you don’t wanna resurface? Is it that you are resisting um you know the unknown? Is it that you’re resisting a fear?

I would invite you to ask yourself like is that fear really true?

So in these moments where you can choose comfort or discomfort, what I know to be true is that every time I’ve allowed myself to choose that discomfort place so much growth has happened.

The flow has just it’s like the doors of low have opened up and have allowed things in and sometimes in order for that to happen you’ve gotta let go of things that are no longer serving you.

You’ve gotta let go of you know programs you know if you’re if you’re a coach perhaps like you’ve gotta let go of programs that are no longer serving you. Or you know if you’re not feeling the passion about something like you used to then you know the longer you hold on to it.

The more you’re resisting the flow of what the universe is trying to bring to you. I know that to be true cause it has happened for me many many many times. Same thing with my clients it’s like the second they make that decision to let something go, to release it, to shift their perspective to no longer stay on the hamster wheel of their past, that’s when everything just starts flowing in. That is what I wanna call you all in to just start doing this week. I invite you to commit to choosing discomfort and having the courage to do so I know that you can do it. I am watching not just myself but my friends and my clients do it almost on a daily basis because we really are confronted with anything you know that that comes our way.

We can always default but it takes you being present in your life and being present to the thoughts and the decisions and the choices that you are making in every aspect of your life.

So I hope that you enjoyed today’s podcast episode I know that I love sharing this with you guys I also wanna share with you all that I’m going through. A little bit of, not a little bit, a lot of bit of some shifting around with my business and my programs and even this podcast you guys. It’s all gonna be coming out and revealing itself soon so you’re gonna wanna make sure that you stay close. Go to my website WendySterling.net, get on my email list, so you will be among the first to know what is coming out and all the new amazing content that I’m going to be creating as well as.

Some a little bit of a shift in this particular podcast as well but don’t worry there’s still gonna be same relevant topics that brought you here in the first place there’s just gonna be like a little new spin that I’m gonna be putting on it so be sure to follow me like I said on Instagram @therealWendySterling is my new handle and you can also follow me on Facebook just look for me, Wendy Sterling or you can be a part of my community on Facebook which is called The Divorce Rehab with Wendy. I’m also gonna be launching a new Facebook group so again make sure that you’re close in contact with me to be able to be among the first to know. So I hope that you guys got some negative information to help you wherever it is that you guys are in your process. Sending you so much love light and joy as always. I hope you guys have a beautiful rest of your day and I will see you guys in the next episode.