Are You Recently Divorced? 10 Reasons You’re Not Alone

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Have you ever watched a movie montage with a recently divorced woman and wondered why you couldn’t be more like the leading lady and just buy a new outfit and get over it?

Hollywood, the media, and American culture make it seem like divorce is a linear process, but if you’ve been listening to the podcast for a while now, you know things aren’t that simple.

 There are several uncomfortable truths that we as a society need to face about the process of divorce, including the fact that it is a process and there is no “right” amount of time to go through each stage.

In this episode, I’m revealing 10 ways that divorce can impact your life, relationships, and mindset. I’m diving into everything from finding the right support system to letting go of friendships that no longer serve you. If you’ve asked yourself more than once “is this normal?” this podcast episode is for you.

Three Things You’ll Love About This Episode:

Learn the emotional process of divorce

Identify the emotional process of grief involved with divorce and the importance of allowing yourself to experience all of the emotions created by the loss of your relationship.

Embrace changes in your relationships

Adjusting to life post-divorce involves changing your relationship with friends and your kids. Address the fact that divorce is a disruptor and identify ways to rise to the occasion and strengthen the relationships most important to you.

Create and enforce boundaries

Establishing new and healthy boundaries is essential for processing emotions and trauma associated with divorce. Learn how to initiate those boundaries and how they serve you.

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