All the Reasons Why I Dislike Valentine’s Day

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I hate Valentine’s Day.

No, this isn’t a result of my divorce. It’s something I’ve believed in even while I was married to my ex-husband.

Valentine’s Day has been watered down to a hallmark holiday. The media has instilled in us that we deserve to be showered with love only one day a year.

But the truth is: Loving ourselves and others should last all year round.

Tune in to this episode on All the Reasons Why I Dislike Valentine’s Day.

Top points you’ll discover:

✔️Revisit old hobbies. What is something you used to love doing that you had to give up? Something simple as reading 10 pages of a book or going on a quick hike can give you that extra mood-lifting boost to your day.

✔️ Speak kindly to yourself. We would never say terrible things to our friends. But when we speak to ourselves, it’s the complete opposite. We are our own best friends. Throw away all the excuses, start paying attention to your thoughts, and ask yourself: “Does this serve me in my process of self-love?” Give yourself a compliment because you deserve it.

 ✔️Commit to loving yourself every single day of the year. You may be in a tough time right now, but it’s not worth sacrificing your self-worth. At the start of my journey, it was hard to find something positive. But I realized I was capable of finding love – by finding ways to give it to myself. Take this as a challenge.

✔️ Understand the things you love about yourself, even if people can’t see them. I tend to be obsessive when it comes to cleaning. Others may define this as a flaw, but I consider this a vital part of me. Embrace your qualities, and see them as something positive.

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