3 Co-Parenting Myths Debunked

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The internet is brimming with different co-parenting information, forums and groups. Still, the problem is that a lot of the content can sometimes be unmonitored. 

Those already struggling in their co-parenting relationships can get more frustrated and hopeless without getting expert help tailored for their unique situations.

In this episode, I will debunk three myths about co-parenting that make raising kids apart a big challenge for you.

Top points you’ll discover:

Myth #1: “I need to get more information from podcasts, books and other resources to get the right co-parenting tool.” This is a belief that will not serve you! It’s not that you need more information, but what you need is the correct information from trusted sources. 

Myth #2: “I am not trying hard enough to compromise.” Talk about trying to move a mountain with the tip of your finger. Staying on your side of the fence gets tricky if you are co-parenting with an ex who has narcissistic characteristics or perhaps is a sociopath. Compromise can get difficult. Instead, what to do is to reframe what give and take means to you (especially the kids) and always find a place to meet in the middle even while you have conflicting beliefs. 

Myth #3: “I need to be more firm or more loud or perhaps on the opposite side of the spectrum — to be more quiet for things to fall into place.” The co-parenting truth on this is that, unfortunately, neither will work for you. Establishing boundaries is crucial in minimizing unnecessary stress dealing with your ex. Stick primarily to the topic of your children and maintain respect to be able to work together as parents.

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