A life-changing event like a divorce can bring anger and resentment within us. But sometimes, we don’t know what to do with these feelings. You might sweep them under the rug or find yourself expressing them in unhealthy ways.

Verbally saying “I’ve let it go” isn’t exactly true if these 10 signs are still happening to you. The good news, though: When you choose to move forward, you CAN get through this!

Tune in to this episode on 10 Signs You’re Still Stuck In Anger

Key points covered in this episode:

✔️ Do you still have lingering resentment? Check-in with yourself if you’re carrying this heaviness inside you.

✔️ Stop playing the blame game. I always say that pointing fingers at the other is like drinking poison and expecting the other to die.

✔️ Are you putting off your healing journey? The shortcut to getting to the other side is deeply feeling the emotions.

✔️ Struggling to let go keeps you stuck. Focusing on the bad times is only evidence of why your marriage fell apart. Shift and put your energy on the positive.

✔️ Getting triggered easily is also a sign. Our families and friends sometimes are the recipient of our outbursts. Do your best to be better.

✔️ Disengage with negative self-talk. Low self-confidence and self-esteem will only worsen your deep-seated anger.

✔️  Do you still have trust issues? Ensure that you’re healed and have a clean slate before getting into a new relationship.

✔️  Only you can push yourself forward. Wallowing in your sadness is therapeutic. But don’t stay there forever. No one will save you but YOU!

✔️  You no longer need to withdraw emotionally. You might still be afraid of people’s pestering questions about your divorce. Process your feelings first before getting out there.

✔️  Anger breeds stagnancy. Putting your energy into this negative emotion hinders you from pursuing the things that bring you joy.

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