Hi, I'm Wendy Sterling

I am a life catalyst who helps divorced women let go of the f-ing pity party so they can step into their thrive story knowing that the Universe has a better plan for them.

I show my clients how to be shameless about their divorce, find the silver lining, and ditch the sob story to see divorce as the BEST thing that ever happened to them!

Professionally Certified

Hi, I'm Wendy Sterling

I am a Divorce Recovery Specialist who utilizes tough love as a way to help divorced women step into their power to find their voice and identity so they may be seen & heard by ending to their pity party, mourning their marriage and MOVING FORWARD with dignity to see that life is better afterwards!

Professionally Certified

My Mission

For divorced moms who need a kick in the "tush" to boost their confidence and sense of self, while releasing the guilt, anger and fear of being a single mother, The Divorce Rehab™ is the FIRST and ONLY program that focuses on using tough love to move you through the pain and fear of divorce more quickly than if you do it alone.

Unlike other divorce coaching programs out there, my program was developed using the steps I used after my own divorce and will provide the tools, insights and accountability you need to end the pity party, mourn your marriage and MOVE ON with dignity to see that life is even better afterwards!

My Story

So here is the Cliff Notes version of my story – I grew up in San Francisco and moved to SoCal to attend UCLA, where I met my husband freshman year. Together we graduated, got married, built our careers and had two amazing children together.

Three years ago my world, unexpectedly, came crashing down – my 16-year marriage to my college sweetheart fell apart, my children were struggling with why mommy and daddy don’t live together anymore, my mother was diagnosed with cancer and that is just the tip of the iceberg! I tried talking with friends, therapy, podcasts, Facebook Groups, burying myself in work, books - NOTHING helped. 

My story is not worse or better – it is MY story just like you have yours. It doesn’t matter why you are mourning your marriage – the foundation of grief is the same. Yes, it is grief and having patience and compassion for the 5-milestone marriage grief process is KEY to moving through to find your best self. I would not have come out on the other side as ME had it not been for coaching and that is the gift I want to give YOU!

Thanks to coaching I stand here today, independent and as an entrepreneur (my dream!) and the BEST version of me yet – I am stronger, better, happier, grateful, compassionate, and empathetic for my journey.

I am the example that creating a new thrive story during and post divorce IS POSSIBLE – and finding the new, bad-sass YOU 2.0 can be done! And I want to hold your hand through it as your catalyst for change!

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